• Understanding The Risk Factors for Thyroid Disease

    Thyroid disease is very common but there are some people who are much more likely to develop a thyroid condition than others. What are the risk factors for thyroid disease? At the current time, we don’t always know the causes of thyroid disease, but we do know of several risk factors. For example, women are […]

  • All About the Adrenals And Their Role in Optimal Health

    Fatigue, exhaustion, difficulty thinking clearly and an inability to handle stress all have a common link between them; dysfunctional adrenals. In addition to producing an impressive number of hormones, the adrenals play an important role in regulating energy. Because this system is heavily integrated with the body, it has a broad and powerful influence on […]

  • 5 Common Misunderstandings About Thyroid Disease

    Whether it’s the family doctor, endocrinologist, chiropractor, or an herbalist, you may not be getting straight information regarding your thyroid. Here are five very common myths and bits of misinformation that you are very likely to hear, along with the real story you need to know.
    1. Your Levels Are Normal
    First, what does “normal” mean. A […]