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It is estimated that 80% of the population has a thyroid disorder. Many are unaware that they have the condition, but suffer from the symptoms. For this reason, thyroid function screening is vital for everyone, as a primary health assessment.

THYROFLEX is a non-invasive system for the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disorders

What is so important about thyroid? Every major system in our body is affected by thyroid hormones. The thyroid is like the Grand Central Railway station “master controller,” regulating most of our body functions and thus affecting it at a cellular level. If it is not balanced, our quality of life deteriorates. As we age, the body’s cellular energy decreases. Thyroid disorders tend to run in families; therefore it is usually hereditary.

There are noticeable similarities between the symptoms of thyroid disorders and the effects of today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Many blame themselves, and their lifestyle choices, for symptoms such as weight changes, being cold, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and excessive tiredness, not realizing that a thyroid disorder could be the underlying cause. Could it be you, or just your thyroid?


Thyroid Management Is Just A TAP Away!

Accurate & Non-Invasive

The patented Thyroflex is a non-invasive state of the art system to test, diagnose, titrate, and manage thyroid conditions. It uses reflexes, Resting Metabolic Rate and symptoms to accurately determine Thyroid function.

Test • Analyze • Treat

Thyroflex thyroid testing is very accurate for making a diagnosis of the thyroid and for determining the optimal dose of thyroid medication for symptomatic patients. It takes the guess work out of identifying and titrating thyroid disease.

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The thyroid analysis and ‘Core Hormones’ system is integrated through the SAM Software that provides health options, health conditions and treatment as a complete solution.

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The results from the revolutionary SAM software system prescribes the treatment according to the Thyroflex test levels combined with the Thyroid and the ‘Core Hormone’ system. Nitek offers a wide range of Nutraceuticals. All of our Nutraceuticals are FDA compliant.

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Medical practitioners can now deliver a one-stop solution for diagnosing titrating and managing their patients’ Thyroid conditions with the patented 4-minute Thyroflex test combined with the Core Hormone System, integrated with the SAM software, the integrated BioPharma range of hormones and its resulting benefits.


One-Stop Solution

For the testing, diagnosis titrating and management of Thyroid Disorders. Nitek Medical provides the testing devices, protocols, medications, second opinions, blood tests and SAM software, to support your clinic.


SAM Software For AGE Management

The advanced digital platform SAM software incorporates the Core Hormone/Thyroid Management system and creates a condition management solution. Also, there is a SAM APP available for smart-device application – generating a comprehensive Health Report to the patient that they can review after their visit.


Real Time & Automated

Real time diagnosis and automated treatment recommendations with SAM. It identifies patients at risk within a 15-min consultation. (Test, Analyze and Script)


98.5% Accurate

The Thyroflex Test has an accuracy rate of 98.5%. The 4-min test is non-invasive, pain-free and cost effective. The Thyroflex tests the reflex time, the Neurotransmitter time, and the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This information is combined with the completed patient’s symptoms sheet.


Natural & Bioidentical Hormones

The Nitek Core Hormone system has the best treatment protocols available on the market today, where the results speak for themselves. The treatments are all natural, bioidentical, and for the patient, the treatment results are effective, fast, with a major impact on the quality of their lives.


Blood, Saliva and Urine Hormone Panel Tests

Collection kits are provided to your clinic by Nitek. These are given to your patients, then mailed off to Nitek. The hormone panels are sent back to your clinic, the report is then uploaded into SAM.



Once the patient’s core hormones are balanced, we have a continuing program for the balancing of the male and female hormones, along with the natural bioidentical hormones.


Global Success

The Thyroflex system has had enormous success internationally – used and endorsed by the top medical specialty centers around the world and the USA such as The Hall Center, Santa Monica, USA. Holtorf Medical Group, Los Angeles, USA. Dr. Melnick, New York, USA. etc. Rasheed Hospital Dubai. UAE. Vichaivej International Hospital. Bangkok. Thai. etc.



Chronic Health Conditions

Thyroid disorders tend to run in families; therefore it is usually hereditary. If the Thyroid disorder is left untreated, it can shorten the patient’s life expectancy, as the quality of their life deteriorates, the long-term risks of major illnesses increase and the chances of it escalating into autoimmune diseases are greatly increased. In fact, into over 80 autoimmune disorders compounding one into the other. The conventional screening by standard blood tests is not an accurate tool to establish a baseline thyroid function, it can be costly and often misleading, with the doctor classifying the patient with ‘sub-clinical’ hypothyroidism. That is “you have the symptoms, but I will not treat you as the blood tests are within range.”



Hashimoto's Disease

Hashimoto's Disease



Graves' Disease

Graves' Disease


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THYROFLEX is available in the following locations with our treatment provider partners. Please contact us if you are interested to introduce the Thyroflex and Core Hormone System into your centers, or to find the nearest testing centers near you.

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