BioWoman BIO NOX – Nitric Oxide contributes to the elasticity of the blood vessel walls that allow for the accommodation of our heartbeat as the wave of pressure circulates throughout the entire body keeping the blood elasticity and pliability. Imagine, for example, a water hose exposed to the drying elements of the sun and the winter snow. As time passes the rubber walls of the hose become cracked, hard and dry. Turning on the faucet of the water hose, even just a little bit, will cause the sudden higher pressure to burst the hose and send water all over the place. This is the deadly scenario of heart disease, stroke and gangrene.

BioNOX improves libido for males and females. Improves circulation of the extremities, brain and heart, improves blood pressure. Helps with diseases such as; diabetes, glaucoma, Reynaud’s disease, as well as cold hands and feet.


  • Improves circulation
  • Improves libido for men and women
  • Helps with elasticity of blood vessel walls