The BioThroidB thyroid powder is sourced from Non-GMO pasture-fed New Zealand cows. New Zealand is among the countries that has banned Monsanto’s genetically modified hormone POSILAC, which the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly acquired in August 2008. POSILAC is a genetically modified hormone called “recombinant somatotropin,” or “rBST.” The hormone is used in the beef industry to stimulate the growth of calves and to increase milk production by adult cows.

In June 2007, the World Organization for Animal Health granted New Zealand the status of “negligible risk” of mad cow disease “Negligible risk” means that the risk is so small, and unimportant that we can safely disregard it. This is the World Organization’s most favorable status, a ranking shared by Argentina, Australia, Uruguay, and Singapore.

BioThroidB is pure, unadulterated bovine thyroid that contains naturally occurring T7,T4,T3,T2,T1 hormones. This has been validated by independent testing facilities in the USA. We tested the product at the SWNM school in Tempe Arizona and found it to be effective, using the Thyroflex core hormone system, whereas the reflexes speeds increased and the symptoms decreased.

  • Replaces the missing hormones
  • Increases the RMR
  • Increases Energy
  • Must be used with BioDine & Bio D3/K2
  • Restores Brain Function
  • Promotes Healthy Aging
  • Promotes Bone Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
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